The 5 essential tools for Growth Hacking Business

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The 5 essential tools for Growth Hacking Business



The main function of this tool was to find the composition of a professional email address. Once you are on your prospect’s website, all you have to do is use to know the type of email address (for example {first}.{last}@). Then a quick look at LinkedIn to find out who the person contacted in the target company is and that’s it. You get a qualified professional e-mail address.

Going to a site and then clicking on the extension can be quite time-consuming, especially if you have several hundred target companies. That’s why has developed a feature to integrate a whole CSV list of company URLs. In 1 click you have everything you need!


This extension makes it possible to suck up information from web pages (directories/exhibitors at trade fairs etc.). It is particularly useful when combined with other tools such as …

Its use is not simple but remains within everyone’s reach. Once the extension is installed, go to the page you want to scramble, right click and then « inspect ». Then, you will have to create a Sitemap where you will indicate what you want to take as information thanks to  » Selectors « .

The most important thing in Webscrapper is that you will spend more time on the first page but once you have scrapped the first page you can duplicate the sitemap by adding URLs.

The secret of all Scrapping is the analysis of the target URL. Scrapping therefore on the first page of the directory all the names of companies and with the function « concatenation » in an excel or google sheet you will be able to reconstitute the target URLs.


Captain Data is what we might call a Phantom Buster script bank. You can select a special Linkedin script to scramble first names / last names and company names for particular job titles. With this easily built up database you can get their professional email address thanks to another tool: Dropcontact. In a few clicks you will get at a lower cost qualified and updated databases of prospects.



Emailing tools are extremely numerous on the internet and most of them work only on gmail. YAMM is the most efficient free emailing tool, it is an add-on to google sheet. It allows you to send 50 emails per day for free in an automated way. These mails are customizable with merge tags and are tracked to follow the opening rate, the bounce rate etc.

Merge tags vary depending on the type of mailing software you are going to use. They are also known as personalization fields, substitution strings or personalization tags. For Yamm, merge tags are identified by <>. These tags allow you to insert data from your mailing list (in this case a google sheet). The  » <>  » are associated to the title of your columns.

You are going to write a draft with the <> where you want to personalize the mail with for example first name, last name, company name, location or others. The more complete your database will be, the more efficient the automation with personalization will be.


For the connoisseurs it’s the new Meet Leonard that has been banned by Linkedin. This tool allows you to sequence messages on Linkedin by inviting and contacting qualified prospects. Linkedin should be seen as a huge database with your prospects well arranged in boxes, thanks to the filters you can pick the number and the prospects that are interesting for your business.