Why the “age” of your links is important for SEO !

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Why the “age” of your links is important for SEO !


Quality links is the most sought commodity online – earned, exchanged, traded, bartered, bought and sold.

Savvy website owners and SEO’s are always on the lookout for the next link opportunity, especially those links that are “earned” and will eventually form the cream of the power links you can build to your website.

The key for SEO’s is to choose the right link building strategies that is in synergy with the New Link Variables – relevancy, consistency, diversity, participation and progression. I have spoken about these new link variables in various older posts.

And I would like to add another variable to the Link Mantra today – Age of Links.

The age of a link is the amount of time the link has been active from the date the search crawlers first found the link. This is important for SEO, as Search engines are giving more and more power to those links that have been « aged », or been in place for a longer period of time, more than the very recently placed links.

This means, if you did manage to get a great link from a PR 6 website/ webpage, you don’t get the link power transferred immediately to your website, but rather, the link power is released over a period of time that the link remains active.

The New Link Variables made many previous link building strategies more or less obsolete as “hollow” links have no place in the new search algorithm. Hollow links are those links that are not powered by the New Link Variables and these links will eventually be weeded out.

So what does this mean for us SEO Experts?

It means that SEO experts now need to focus on building links that are primarily earned on merit, are relevant and from diverse communities, built consistently over a period of time by virtue of participation, and are permanent in nature.

The New Link Mantra – relevancy, consistency, diversity, participation, progression and age of links. Is your long term SEO strategy in synergy with these variables?