Relevance of Sitemap in SEO by SEO Expert

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Relevance of Sitemap in SEO by SEO Expert


The map of the site is determined by sitemap and it has lot of importance in digital space. With the help of sitemap one can easily determine the structure, sections and links of the site. The sitemap of the web portal is regularly updated by SEO experts in order to communicate with search engines in a proper manner. It helps Google, Yahoo and Bing to know the flow of web pages in the website. Along with on page and off page optimization it is important for the site to have an easier navigation as well as better visibility which will help the visitors to understand the business. The search engines are notified immediately by sitemap if any change is made on the site by the company. It is possible that the web portal may have broken links and cannot be reached in any way, then sitemap is considered to be a great help. According to SEO expert sitemap can be vital to the success of the new site with significant number of pages in an online market.

The business of the company can be easily classified with the help of structure that categorizes pages of the web portal. While adding a new section to the site it is important to edit sitemap so that the pages are indexed faster. The process of having a sitemap is to generate, upload it and then notify Google about the new addition to the site. In order to create a sitemap the generation tool either needs to be installed or used online.

Whenever the generator is installed or downloaded it has more control over the output. In search engine optimization, SEO experts analyze the website and try to bring business related keywords on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some companies do not allow SEO experts to add business related keywords in their web portal. In this case experts make use of sitemap where they can easily add most searchable words and help them to achieve their targets.

Sitemap is crucial for the site with dynamic content, lot of flash or AJAX and has many archived pages that are not linked well. The use of sitemap in SEO is an essential factor as it is a graphical representation of website architecture and helps the crawlers to navigate links and collect information. Thus SEO experts always make use of sitemaps while applying SEO activities.