Why 80 per cent of the links your have built will disappear in 6 months?

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Why 80 per cent of the links your have built will disappear in 6 months?


However scary this may read, it’s true, and contrary to the feelings that the title of this post may have created, this is actually a blessing in disguise for those who have been involved with “value driven” SEO strategies say our seo export from Poush

Let me explain. The days of scrounging the net for links from every website/ community possible is over. And thank God for that! Webmasters and SEO experts who have been following such strategies will find that most of the links they are building are getting removed from search indexes every couple of months. To compensate for those, more links are built, and the deadly cycle continues with no real value being created.

Are you (or your SEO expert) just wasting your money and time on links that are getting deleted?

1. If your SEO Strategy is not in alignment with the new link variables like – consistency, relevancy, diversity, participation, progression and “age” of links, then your money is going down the drain and no lasting value is being created.

2. If your SEO strategy is not creating “consistent value” for the users, its money going down the drain.

3. If your SEO strategy is not making that value – “highly visible”, its money going down the drain.

If you answered YES, to the above statements, then you may be one of the 80 per cent who is getting affected because you chose the wrong SEO strategy!

If you are applying any of the below strategies, you are wasting your hard earned money:

– Links built from websites that are not relevant to your business – lack of relevancy

– Links built randomly over period of time – lack of consistency

– Links built at staggering pace and then stopping, and then start again – lack of progression

– Links built on sites where you never return – lack of participation

– Links built across social bookmarking sites with no up votes (single voted links are normally weeded out) – lack of participation

– Links built from websites that have little link power to pass on – age of links

– Links built across a few communities only – lack of link diversity

– Links built with no clear weekly/ monthly strategy ahead – lack of proper SEO strategy

– Links built over 6 months and then all link building is stopped – lack of consistency

– Links built by syndicating one article across 100 article sites, or one link across 100 social bookmarking sites – lack of participation

– Links are built only to the home page of the website

Why is this so?

Every couple of months the search engines updates their indexes, and weak links (not in alignment with the new link variables) or links with no power are normally tossed in the dustbin. So do the social bookmarking sites and other sites where you were just a one time visitor.

How to ensure that 100 per cent of your links are Permanent!

>> Build a SEO strategy fosuced on creating value and in alignment with the New Link Variables

1. Consistency

Ensure you have a SEO strategy in place that is consistent over a period of time. The weekly syndication and promotion strategy is an example of that. Each week you create new content (focused around a keyword you are targeting) for your Blog. Syndicate that content each week across select and relevant article sites. Promote that content across select and relevant social bookmarking sites. Get users to up-vote that content making the story hot. All this continues each week consistently.

2. Relevancy

Ensure your SEO strategy is targeting relevant sites, communities, blogs etc. It’s better to get a few good links from relevant sites than to get many links from irrelevant sites. Relevant sites are external sites and communities which are similar/ related in nature to your business, products and services.

3. Diversity

Ensure your SEO strategy is targeting a diverse set of web, user and social communities. It’s better to get links spread evenly across a diverse mix of communities – article sites, social bookmarking, social media, blogs, RSS feeds, PR sites, forums, web directories, video sites etc, than to get most of your links from just two or three of these communities.

4. Participation 

Ensure your SEO strategy is focused around genuine participation in the communities you are building links from. Don’t be a one time visitor. Be selective in the sites you choose, and participate in them to get back link power. Get involved in the communities by participating consistently, and get others to up vote/thumbs up/ comment/ review your content increasing the level of participation. The link power is passed by virtue of participating in a select site over a period of time by creating and sharing content with that site.

5. Progression 

Ensure you SEO strategy is building links in a progressive manner. This means that search engines prefer a link building profile that is steadily growing over a period of time rather than a link profile using sporadic link building every couple of months. A health graph of link acquisitions shows consistent growth in the number of quality links each month.

6. Age of Links

Ensure your SEO strategy is focused on building links that are meant to be in place permanently. This means that the SEO value of a good link is not passed immediately but rather is passed over a period of time which could range from two to three months. So any links that are temporary in nature (refer to any of the wrong link building strategies above in this post) will be weeded off in time. Focus on creating links that will be permanent.

So ask yourself (and your Expert SEO) about the link building strategies you are applying to ensure that all the links that are being built are permanent, and in your SEO strategy is in alignment for success.